Scoffed’s Homemade Ranch Dressing


All our sides are 50ml portions.
Add extra sauce to your order for added flavour. Our ranch dressing is great with wings, but also works well as a dipping sauce for everything.

Extra Sauce?

Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Wings w/ ranch dressing

Smoked long and slow for around 2 hours after being rubbed with our in house Buffalo rub, these wings come out smokey, crunchy and full of flavour.
Served with ranch dressing to dip them in, why not add some hot sauce for extra bite!
All products come with heating instructions.
Wings are perfect for freezing.

Tangy Slaw (GF, V)

Not your typical creamy slaw, this one comes with zing as it's pickled to give it a refreshing sweet and sour flavour.
It takes over 24 hours to make, so it should be good! Kimchi - the Americans have their very own version and this is it without the spice!

Texas 8 hour cooked Black Angus Grass Fed Brisket 500g

500 grams of slowly cooked grass fed locally sourced brisket.
Each serve comes with pickles and mustard.
Rubbed with our very own dry rub, left over night for it to seep deep into the beef, we then slowly smoke the brisket with hickory wood for over 8 hours, or just until it achieves the desired wobble! (You may need to come to one of our smoking classes to understand what we mean by that!). Cooked to perfection this brisket will melt in your mouth.
Ideal in sandwiches or with some sides from our menu for dinner.
All products come with reheating instructions and can be frozen if desired.

Brazilian cheese bread (GF, V)

6 balls per serve
Try these beautiful fluffy balls of GF dough stuffed with stringy yumaliscious cheese for you to dip in a sweet and tangy salsa. It's not one of Brazil's national dishes for nothing!
We also recommend using them like sliders and adding in your favourite meat - brisket or pulled pork.

Kipfler Potato Salad (GF, V)

Not your everyday chicken shop potato salad.
We use Kipfler potatoes (cos they're fancy and taste delicious!), add in our dijon, dill and cornichons creme fraiche dressing and voila...the best potato salad you'll ever eat!

Sweet and Smoky BBQ Beans (GF)

American style BBQ beans, hickory smoked with our meats for even more flavour.
Beans, bacon, spices, capsicum, a little bit of heat but just right these beans can be eaten with anything or even by themselves on toast - add an egg and you have the prefect brekkie!
All products come with heating instructions and are perfect for freezing

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