Scoffed in a Box – Popcorn chicken w/apple slaw and honey mayo


Small chunks of marinated chicken breast are lightly coated in seasoned and spiced flour, and then shallow fried to create crunchy yumminess. Create a crunchy apple slaw and honey mayo dipping sauce to go with and you have the perfect healthy finger food that’s simple to prepare.
Ingredient box contains enough for a serve for 4: chicken, buttermilk, herbs & spices, flour, baking powder. Egg mayo, mustard, honey, cabbage, carrot, apple, herbs,
From your pantry: Oil for frying, seasoning.

Allergens: Dairy, Gluten

Level of difficulty: Beginner


Scoffed in a Box provides you with all the ingredients for a family of four to make one of our unique and yummy recipes.

Our recipes are sourced from around the world and let you safely explore new tastes and ingredients. They have been tried and tested with kids in our Food Chief cooking classes, so we know that both kids and parents love them equally!

We encourage you to tailor our recipes to your individual tastes though, as we know that not everyone likes everything!

Each box comes with a pre – recorded cooking class given by one of our professional chefs, Jen or Kate, who will share their love and passion for food as well as some expert knowledge. This video is released after the live stream has taken place.

Because of our experience in teaching kids, our cooking videos are easy to follow with clear, precise instructions and obvious stages where you can pause and then replay if necessary. We treat kids like adults, and adults like kids, so expect your kids to grow in maturity as they learn with us.

All the ingredients in Scoffed in a Box are weighed and measured for your convenience; you will just have to provide your equipment, and in some cases basic staples like oil, and seasoning.

Cut off for orders are Sundays and Wednesdays by 9pm. If you order your box after that it will be delivered on our next delivery date.

Boxes will be ready for pick up or delivery* from 2-7pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.

* There may be an extra charge for delivery depending on your location.

Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to deliver interstate, but you can still tune in to our live interactive classes, and source your own ingredients.

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